Friday, June 3, 2011

Looking back at the winding road

Looking back at the winding road
Holding her hand in the mid of horde
She would look at me with all the care
Feeling was such that could take me anywhere

Fun and frolic we had in plenty
It was a time when we were twenty
Joy, happiness, fervor, galore
Still wanted her for life and more

Looking at each other we made a promise
At any cost we would not give it a miss
To live together till we are old
Passion of our love was as pure as gold

Old say that all good things come to an end
But it happened in a way I could not amend
In spur of a moment I lost her for life
It was a con who killed her with a knife

In the quest of finding Neverland
I suddenly ended up drowning in quicksand
Sorrow of not having her I could not hide
It was a ravaging wave on full moon tide

History teaches us one thing for sure
Which the heartless devils ensure
Death is the only constant
But memories of some remain important

You were there

You were there when I was at the top of the world
When awards, accolades and admirations were hurled
Keeping me grounded and telling me not to fly high
Reminding me of the road ahead and not to take a sigh
Till all the milestones along the way were achieved
As the person in me that you totally believed

You were there when I had a vicious vice
You spoke of things when I quit would become nice
The black tar was consuming me from inside
Determined to reform me you were by my side
“Life exists beyond this” you told me one night
Tears in your eyes made me not to fire a light

You were there when I moved to a new town
Being an alien all the neighbors would frown
Your encouraging physical presence was absent
But the heartfelt letters from you were persistent
The company of your words I cherished the most
The delight I felt cannot be expressed in a single toast

You were there in happiness and despair
Blessed I am to have such a friend debonair
Let there be thousand enemies God send
But let He also give one person we can call friend
Because at every life’s crossroads
I know I have a friend to take all my loads